High Viscosity Pumps

There are several high viscosity pump types within our product portfolio but here is a small selection of our five top sellers.

Circumferential Piston Pump

High viscosity circumferential piston pump

It looks like a rotary lobe pump and operates on a similar principle but with a major difference – tight clearance alloy rotors! The circumferential piston pump or rotary piston pump uses bi-wing or single-wing rotors (the ‘pistons’) that rotate within chambers machined into the pump housing. This results in a large sealing surface which minimises slip while offering gentle-handling and low-shear. The rotors are manufactured from alloy 808, ‘the metal that slides’, and this allows extremely tight clearances against the stainless steel 316 rotor case to create a vacuum and also to prevent fluid entering between rotor face and rotor case – ideal when pumping slurries with hard solids like strawberry seeds!

Twin Screw Pump

High viscosity twin screw pump

The twin-screw pump uses a pair of stainless-steel screws within a machined pump housing to offer unparalleled handling of shear-sensitive fluids. Rather than a rotary pumping motion, the reversible screws move the product axially, within the screw cavities for a very gentle conveying of product. Versatile is an understatement as these pumps can handle any fluid, can pass solids without damage, can operate against pressure losses up to 50 bar and can suction lift. If you needed any other persuasion, one twin-screw pump can be used on both high viscosity process duties and then be used as the clean-in-place pump – two pump duties with a single pump!

Progressive Cavity Pump

A progressive cavity pump with integrated screw feeder and bridge-breaker paddles is a very effective means of pumping high viscosity fluids.

Drum Emptying Pump

High viscosity drum emptying pump

Our high viscosity drum, IBC and tank emptying pump range includes systems with integrated diaphragm, piston or progressive cavity pumps.

Rotary Lobe Pump

High viscosity rotary lobe pump

A very common and effective pump type that is seen in almost every part of industry.